Energy Savings Initiative

In addition to the mechanical services proposal, we will have the ability and the recourse to provide a specialised service that can interface to the current BMS System and provide a variety of additional information that can be used to fine tune the operation and also to pick up the issues related to the tenanted floor load and plant behaviour that can be used and applied to improve the AGBR ratings further in the building.

The system will have the capacity to:

  • Interfacing of the BuildingIQ algorithm to the BMS via BACnet protocol;
  • Expectation is that the Client drives the Communication protocol in BACnet;
  • Building Meter data to be made available via the Utility Meter Remote Access;
  • If sub-metering data is available, that would also be advisable to interface;
  • Once connected to the BMS, engagement of BuildingIQ to go into a Learning phase to learn the Building behaviour;
  • The abovementioned learning phase would be across a period of 2 months;
  • During that process, BuildingIQ team would also take photos of spaces for the ComfortIQ app deployment;
  • After that phase, BuildingIQ would also install the ComfortIQ app and provide the app to the tenants in the Building;
  • This phase of ComfortIQ app deployment can also be done in stages, whereby we could start with 1 floor and continue on gradually to other floors;
  • With the completion of the process, BuildingIQ Remote NOC on Anomalies and opportunities:
  • Advisory Services to AMS / Client on HVAC aspects which need tuning;
  • Ongoing monthly reporting on fact findings;
  • Monthly analytics presentation from the ComfortIQ perspective;
  • Building Energy Advisory Services to visualise the performance

Should you wish to know more information regarding this specialised service, we would be more than happy to schedule a meeting with yourselves and our service partner, BuildingIQ and provide a formal presentation and package suitable to your requirements.