Facility Asset Management

The economic downturn that has been felt throughout the industry for the last few years have resulted in owners and decision makers carefully tightening their hold on spending, making careful considerations on where money can be spent and evaluate ways on how to reduce costs. This in turn leads to many owners and decision makers looking for every opportunity to protect, preserve and maintain the assets that they have rather than build new facilities.

Having a good asset management strategy can optimise the operational performance of assets, minimise whole life costs and extend its life span.

AMS understands the challenges being faced by many owners and decision makers associated with increased demand for services whilst having a shrinking budget and workforce, increased operating costs and aging infrastructure.

AMS can offer the following services to better suit the needs of our customers:

  • Provide fixed cost services to all your operational needs;
  • Single point of contact for all your services including:
    • Mechanical and Air Conditioning Services;
    • Cleaning Services;
    • Lifts and Escalator Services;
    • Fire and Security Services;
    • Automation and Energy Management Services; and
    • Budget Forecasting on Utility and Servicing for over 5 years